SAGADA: “The Shangri-la of the North”

A small town up at the north part of the Philippines which is at approximately 5,000 above sea level. Where you will experience bumpy zigzag roads, cold weather and scenic views. Sagada doesn’t just offer its chilly weather for relaxation but they also have a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy during your stay especially for people who likes adventure.

If you are a solo traveler, you have 2 options on how to get to Sagada. The good thing about traveling solo is that you can manage your time on how you want it without considering the people you’re travelling with. You can do exactly what you want. It also gives you time to indulge yourself fully.

Commute to Sagada? No problemo. Here’s how.

1st option is to ride Ohayami Bus from Manila to Banaue, then you can take a van or jeep to Sagada. If you wanna experience riding top load on a jeep, this is an option for you.

Ohayami bus is located at corner Fajardo St. Lacson Ave, Sampaloc, Manila. You can call them at:

+639276493055 or 02-5160501.


You can ride a bus from Manila to Sagada directly. Coda lines offers direct route to Sagada. A single trip will cost around Php760.
Coda lines is located along Legarda St. below LRT. You can contact them at:

Manila – +639275592197

Sagada – +639369719216



DAY 1 January – SATURDAY

06:00 AM ETA Banaue – Breakfast

07:30 AM Stopover at Banaue Rice Terraces Viewdeck

11:00 AM ETA Sagada – Check in – Canaway Inn

12:00 PM Lunch

01:00 PM Register at Sagada Municipal Hall – Sumaguing Cave – Cave Connection

05:30 PM End of Cave Connection – Back to Canaway

07:00 PM Dinner

08:00 PM Socials

DAY 2 January  – SUNDAY

04:30 AM Wake up Call –

05:00 AM ETD to Kiltepan

06:30 AM Breakfast

07:30  Bomod-ok Falls

11:00 PM Wash up

11:30 Lunch

12:00 PM Check out – Canaway Inn

1:00 PM ECO Tour – Centennial Bell, St. Mary’s Church, Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins, Sagada Weaving, Ganduyan Museum, Pottery

02:30 PM ETD Sagada – Manila

07:00 PM Dinner at Baguio

02:30 AM ETA Manila


First stop, Banaue Rice Terraces.
img_8619Banaue Rice Terraces view point

A 2,000 years old terraces which was named as one of the UNESCO heritage sites. They are fed by an ancient irrigation from the rainforest above the terraces.
May is the best month to be here where the farm would look green. You don’t even need to go to the view point to see a rice terraces since you can see them everywhere in Banaue.

Sagada is still 3 hours drive from Banaue. After the photo ops from the view point, we went straight ahead to our accommodation to prep up for our next stop for the day.
We stayed at Cannaway Inn. I’d higly recommend them because of their clean and decent place. Plus, they’re near the Poblacion where you can easily look for food to buy or Pasalubong for your family and friends.

You may contact them at +639185156097/+639998267497.



SPELUNKING – an activity of exploring caves.


Lumiang Cave

It took us 3 hours of spelunking from Lumiang to Sumaguing Cave. It was dark, cold and slippery inside, wearing trekking shoes/sandals is advisable.

Crossed this cold water to Sumaguing Cave. Brr!



 Sumaguing cave (photo credit: Jing Ky) 

After the tough climbing and sliding, you’d have to take 200+ steps up stairs to get out of the caves. IMAGINE HOW TIRING THIS DAY IS!

*Btw, it is an additional Php400 for spelunking. 


We woke up at 3:30AM the next day to witness the sunrise in Kiltepan peak. The temperature is at 12 degrees which is far different from Manila, it felt like I’m out of the country.


Kiltepan peak at 4AM

 Unfortunately, after waiting for an hour or 2, there’s no sea of clouds. I was not able to see the sun rise either.


IG-worthy spot in Kiltepan. 💚



We left the place at around 7:30AM. We’re not supposed to go to Bomok-Od falls anymore since it will take a lot of our time. When we were planning our itinerary, we had to choose between cave connections or trek to the falls, but voila, we’re able to do both.

img_8624Bomok-od Falls wide view

A trek that comes with 10,000 steps. Yes, it is a little tiring but oh-so WORTH IT! The trip to the falls is the highlight of my Sagada trip. Besides from the fact that it looks majestic, who would have though that there’s a falls down the hill.
It’s not even as crowded as the other spots that you have to wait on the queue for your turn. We’re the only group who were there at the time. We just saw different groups going down when we’re about to leave.

img_8622Bomok-od Falls 


We tried to finish the eco-tour but we only had limited time. Unfortunately, I only saw the Centennial bell, St. Mary’s church and the hanging coffin. I didn’t even went down to the coffin because I wanna pray at the church. It has always been my habit to visit the church of each town I’ll be at.


img_8625 St. Mary’s church

They say when it’s your first time to enter the church, knock at its door and make a wish. There’s no harm in trying right?

img_8626 Inside St. Mary’s

Left Sagada at 3:30PM. Took the route to Baguio for dinner.  🙂



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