How I travelled 3 countries with less than 15,000 pesos

DISCLAIMER: expenses may be different from how you will travel. This is all based from my experience. 

I work in a corporate company that implements a 2-weeks mandatory leave for their employees annually. The 10-day holiday that was given to us is like a gateway to a vacation. Since I travel a lot, I wanna use my leave to just wander.

When I was planning for the trip, I was thinking about the Philippines since I am trying to finish all the 81 provinces which most traveler calls “Project 81” or “PH 81”. I’d probably tick off about 5 province in a span of 2 weeks, but I wanna challenge myself, that’s when I decided to go out of the country, alone.

Upon research, Indochina is one of the budget friendly and safe places to go for solo travelers. I was hesitant at first because of the fact that I am a girl, alone in a place that I am unfamiliar with. But I thought, “if not now, when?”.

I booked a multi-city ticket from Manila to Ho Chi Minh then Bangkok to Manila, and scored the flight at a cheap price. I made a lot of research, I read blogs, until I drafted my final itinerary. Plan. Plan. PLAN AHEAD!


I landed 1AM at Tan Son Nhat Int’l Airport which is about 40mins away from the city. Since it’s already late, I waited till morning before I head downtown. And if you’re thinking why I chose a late flight to Vietnam, well, most flights from Manila to HCM departs at night.

I went around the city on my 1st day in Ho Chi Minh. The tourist spots are not too far from each other which made it easy to move to places. Just be cautious when crossing the street as motorbikes are popping from all directions.

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Make sure not to miss trying the Vietnamese coffee cos it’s one of the best! The famous coffee is sold in every corner of the city. Their foods are also sumptuous. I mostly enjoyed my stay in Vietnam because of the food.

I also did Mekong Delta tour to learn more about their culture, but unfortunately, the day tour didn’t suffice my culture cravings. I suggest to get a 2-day tour (or more) to immerse with the locals and to know in-depth of the country’s traditions and beliefs.

Mekong Delta river

Most of the hostels offer tours like this, but the hostel where I stayed offers Mekong Delta tour for about $20. So, I decided to look for a cheaper offer and I luckily found a $9 Mekong delta tour with PXN travels located at Do Quang Dau street. The tour includes a english speaking tour guide, lunch and transportation.


It took me 14 hours via bus from Ho Chi Minh to Siem Reap. It felt like it’s never gonna end. Haha! I tried looking for cheap flights but most tickets are 7 times the fare for the bus. So, I took the land trip but a lot cheaper.

I booked with Mekong Delta Express, one of the biggest bus line in Vietnam. The bus has wifi, free food and water. We were given 2 sets of food during the whole trip. Each set contains 1 box of bread (2 varieties), 1 bottled water and wipes.

FARE? It was half a million. I paid 598,000 Dong (1,305 pesos or $26)

Siem Reap is mostly known for their ancient temples, so I am expected to go “temple-running”. I woke up at 4AM to see the sunrise in Angkor Wat, and it didn’t fail to amaze me. Just make sure to find the perfect spot, which is on the left part of the entrance and be there early if you wanna see the sunrise as there are A LOT of people waiting for the sun to show up too. My favorite temple would probably be Ta Phrom, where Tomb Raider was shot. I felt like I was Lara Croft roaming around the temples. It’s so surreal!

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Pub street and Night market are also a not-to-miss when in Siem Reap. These two are on the same location. Night Market is a good idea for “pasalubongs”, I got a good bargain for the bags and trousers there. And the Pub Street? I’d say it’s pretty wild. Haha!

If you only have a limited time like I mine, there’s a standard list of famous temples that you should see. You can contact our energetic/talkative/entertaining tuktuk driver who made our tour light through his funny stories.

Com – +855 17 482 817. He has Viber so I suggest contacting him in advance. (Update: com’s viber is no longer available)

Day before I leave for Bangkok, I realized that I haven’t booked for a bus yet. Plus, I have no idea which bus lines should I take and which are trustworthy. Luckily, the hostel where I stayed in Siem Reap (Luxury Concept hostel) also books for bus trips to Bangkok, what’s best about it is it’s half the price from most bus lines. Unfortunately, I do not have the bus line’s name since it was booked from the hostel and the shuttle doesn’t have the name printed.


My last leg is Bangkok, which took me 8 hours from Siem Reap. The border crossing isn’t as smooth as when I crossed Cambodia since we literally have to cross the border and walk. No instructions were given on how we’ll get to the office and have our passport stamped. We just figured our way to the immigration. Peew! Amazing race in Thailand. Lol

I bought the bus ticket from the hostel where I stayed for $10 only. It’s pretty cheap cos when I was checking online, it cost $26. Some of the other passengers on the same bus paid $26 and they even booked directly from the terminal. I saved 10 bucks! YAY!!!

Bangkok is pretty overwhelming (at least for me), it’s like Manila minus the language. It’s a busy city with vibrant people and great street food. I felt home away from home. And beyond the dust and chaos of Bangkok, it is packed with things to see and do.

Aside from the exotic foods like fried insects, temples in Bangkok are also on my list. There are free shuttles going to the Grand Palace for all who are going to pay respect to the King, so I took advantage of it. There are even free foods everywhere around the area to show how much they love their King. I saved few bucks from transportation and food. 

At the Grand Palace

The architectural structures of their temples is incomparable. Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun are neighboring each other so I decided to visit them on the same day. The glittering pillars of the Buddhist temples were just beautiful!

Please be mindful about the color of your clothes when visiting the temples especially the Grand palace, Thai people would appreciate if you wear black or white during the mourn to their beloved King that would last for a year. Also make sure to wear trousers or skirts that are below the knee and shirts that would cover your shoulders, long sleeves and pants would be perfect as most of the city temples have a strict dress code.

If you’re thinking of a side trip but has a limited time, Ayutthaya is a good option. Ayutthaya is just an hour and a half from Bangkok, you can go there either by train or bus then hire a tuktuk to take you around. You can see more temples in Ayutthaya and it’s probably the nearest province to see an Elephant stay. BUT PLEASE, DO NOT RIDE THE ELEPHANTS, most of these elephants are tortured to tame down just so us, humans, can ride on them. This an abuse and should be stopped. Best thing to do when visiting an elephant is to just feed them.

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If this has urged you to travel these countries, the best time to go would be from November to February. As we all know, these 3 are tropical countries so it can get very warm during summer or you may experience unpredictable rains during wet season.

And, remember that NO PLAN IS THE BEST PLAN. Just go out and be local. *wink*


I stayed in Town House 23 located at Dang Thi Nhu st, which is in the heart of Ho Chi Minh. It is near Ben Thanh Market and is accessible to most tourist spots in the city. The staffs are friendly and can speak english fluently which for me is a big point as I don’t speak their language.

I booked a bunk bed in a female dormitory in The Luxury Concept Hostel located Stung Tmei, Svay Dangkum. It’s just a 5-minutes walk away from Pub Street and market. The bed is huge!  The staffs are very accommodating and helpful.

I was fortunate enough to have a friend accommodate me during my whole stay in Bangkok. I saved $$ for hotel, food and package tours in Bangkok. However, I would suggest you to stay in Khao San Rd if you’re more of a party person and would like to meet fellow travelers, KSR is also near the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. OR, stay around Pratunam area if you’re more of a shopaholic as it is near Platinum area and Central World.


ZEN Rooms offers travelers quality and affordable room stays in Southeast Asia’s top destinations.

You may book for budget-friendly rooms at ZEN ROOMS and use promo code “JANICEINWANDERLAND” for a 10% discount valid until Dec 2018!




Conversion as of travel date:
$1 = 47 pesos
1 pesos = 458 Dong
1 pesos = 0.79 Baht

Note: I brought dollars so I can just exchange it to local currency of the countries. Though in Cambodua they accept dollars so you don’t need to get Riels. 

Accommodation and Airfare

Vietnam – ₱958

Cambodia – ₱621

Bangkok – FREE!

Airfare – ₱6,389 (with 20kg check-in baggage and travel tax)

Subtotal = ₱7,968

GRAND TOTAL= ₱14,682

Total savings from ₱15K budget is ₱318 which I used to take a cab to my house when I landed in Manila.

Feel free to leave some comments down below if you have questions.



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      1. wow! thanks! so confirm ko lang if sa The Luxury Concept Hotel po kayo nakabili ng ticket from cambodia to Bangkok? Gamitin po namin un iti nyo for travel dis year. 😊

  1. Hi Janice,
    Nagpaconvert pa po ikaw ng Cambodia Riel ? Or USD will suffice? which is better?

    Is it better pag sa Manila palang mgpapaconvert na ng vietnames dong, Cambodia riel & Thailand baht na? 🙂

  2. Hi 😊
    Planning to have a trip to these countries in August,un kasi ang scheduled date of vacation ko sa pinas
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    1. Hi, Rochelle! A friend picked me from the airport in HCM, however, there are buses that goes downtown which cost 20,000 dong if I remember it correctly. Regarding the weather, I’m not sure. You can check online forecast 🙂

  3. Hello! Is it not advisable to take night buses from Saigon to Siem Reap and Siem Reap to Bangkok? Or are there any? Thank you!

    1. Hi, Joanne. I didn’t find any sleeper bus for HCM to Siem Reap that’s why I took the day trip, so I’m not quite sure if it’s safe cos I would also take it if I have the option. As for Siem Reap to Bangkok, I was told that there were no sleeper bus cos the time that the immigration opens is during office hours and the travel time is only for abt 2-3hrs.

  4. Hi! Can I get the viber details of your tuktuk driver? I tried entering the number on this post but viber responded that it is not a valid viber number. Hope to hear from you. Thanks 🙂

  5. Hi! 🙂 Ask ko lang if you need a visa sa borders ng countries for philippine passport holders? Or other requirements sa borders? My friend was asked daw kasi sa cambodian border and I was planning to have a vietnam-cambodia-thailand trip. Thank you!

  6. Hi! May I ask if you had any problems with border crossing? Like scammers? Also, where is the bus terminal in Siem Reap located? Since I’m not quite sure if I saw any related expense from Luxury Concept Hostel to the bus station en route to BKK, I assume malapit and nalalakad lang? 🙂

  7. ill travel solo too in a few days… 1st time ko, at lalo akong naexcite nung nabasa ko blog mo.. 🙂 i hope maging smooth din ang aking experience when crossing the border.. thanks!

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