Travelling is more than seeing places, it’s learning from places.

Whenever I think about my upcoming trips, I get so ecstatic. Well, who wouldn’t? You get away from the stress you get from work or school. You get to see things you have never seen in your life. And you learn things that you cannot learn from a four-cornered room. There are just so many things that I have encountered while on the road, and I can’t even imagine how it has given such an impact in my life.

My abyss affection towards traveling have led me into situations that have helped be a better me. Memories that I would forever be happy to look back. Stories, whether sad or happy, that I would always be sharing to many. From countless flights, to hundreds of people, to thousand of adventures, there will always be something to learn.

During my first solo trip, I didn’t know what to do exactly. Living in a third world country, traveling was never easy. I have a Philippine passport that only holds 61 countries that would let me in without obtaining a visa. For Filipinos, getting a visa is a big deal. We are scared of getting denied, cos who wants rejection anyway? Some has a mindset that when a Filipino enters a country, tendencies are they will overstay, get a job, work until they get caught and be sent back home. It’s sad to think that this is how other countries see us. But we shouldn’t get intimidated. Don’t let this scare you from getting to your top destination; if you get denied, you can ALWAYS re-apply.

I mostly take trips on my own, not because I don’t want a companion, but because I enjoyed my own company. That it’s okay to be selfish in some ways. That a girl can do what boys can do. That a lady can walk alone. That a woman is not made to just marry and eventually have a baby. Go out of your comfort zone, and don’t let society dictate what you can and cannot do. Your life is yours, and yours only.

People have always admired my independent spirit, I have grown to be more confident. Some would think that it’s a good idea that I can handle my own, but in other people’s view it is not practical. In this world full of validation from people who think they are right, I learned that if you breathe in an air full of their words, you will lose a battle you yourself made. If traveling is your way to gain your own self, then go! Don’t hear them. They are just around you, but they are not you.

I’ve seen myself walk alone in unfamiliar places, and fear didn’t stop me. What used to be terrifying unknown frontiers are now comfortable spaces. I have discovered new dimensions, dimensions that I don’t really understand. Language difference may have been hard at some point, but a simple smile says a thousand words. My world and theirs, managed to simultaneously coexist. Don’t isolate yourself just cos you’re traveling alone. Make friends and have fun.

I met a lot of travelers from other nations, those who speaks different languages with diverse culture. People who share the same passion. Strangers turned into comrades, into friends. We got along by saying “Hi, where are you from”, until the time has come to say “it was nice meeting you, see you soon“, which doesn’t really mean like seeing each other pretty soon but “goodbye, hope we cross road again“. Reality is people come and go. We have to learn to accept that life lets us meet people who are not meant to stay, but just to give us lessons, to make us prepared for what’s ahead.

I’ve heard stories of people who have struggled their whole life. And thinking about the days when I complain on the things that I cannot have, I felt ungrateful. But these people taught me how to appreciate. There may be bad days or maybe worse, but there will always be better days. Learn to value even the simple things in life, the small efforts, and always be thankful for what you have instead of complaining on what you don’t.

Traveling gave me a different peace I didn’t find in some other things. It’s funny how traveling scares us but ends up loving it extremely. It let us know ourselves more. It let us discover strengths we never knew existed. It let us build character and personality.You’d be surprised on how you can adopt to certain environment and situations you never imagined you can handle. Traveling is one of the best things that I’ve done for myself and I’m very proud of my own growth.

The feeling of excitement, the happiness while on the trip, and the sadness when you’re leaving. All of these would make you look forward to your next one. Travel as long as you can, cos experience is the most luxurious gift you can get yourself.

21 thoughts on “Travelling is more than seeing places, it’s learning from places.”

  1. Great read – I really resonate with the “get out of your comfort zone” lesson. It’s weird to think about how many experiences you may not have had if you were too scared to take a leap.

    1. I used to be afraid, but it didn’t really help me. So, I took a big step and went out of my shell. That’s when I realised this world isn’t really scary 🙂

  2. Good on you. Good spirit. I agree on many points. Travelling is a fantastic way to learn things about the world and yourself. And you grow adapting skills that will be useful for your entire life in many situations!

  3. There are so many fantastic quotes from you in this, I love it! So empowering. I’m currently planning a long term trip and nothing is going to get in the way of that goal. Something inside me tells me it’s the right thing to do even if others won’t understand it. But you’re right, it’s my life and I can’t let society dictate what I can and can’t do with it.

  4. Such a fantastic insight! I agree with you Janice truly traveling is more about learning from places! And solo travel helps to know the inner you a lot! 🙂

  5. Very well put together. Traveling gives me feeling of fulfillment. Exploring unknown territories is a learning experience. We learn so many new things and sometimes we discover hidden strengths of us.
    Loved your post.

  6. Great post, Janice! I love it! I also love traveling solo. It allows me to be more independent and open to making friends with stranger- which is incredibly hard for introverts like me!

  7. This is such a great post! I know people who wait for someone to travel with, but you are so right about going anyway and making your own way!

  8. I loved reading this, Janice! So much of it resonated with me – you just got to keep on travelin’ if it’s what you love!

  9. I definitely agree! Especially with meeting people from all over the world who quickly turn from strangers to friends 🙂 its one of the best parts of travel I think.

  10. Loved this! Traveling for me is learning about the different cultures and learning how other people live their lives. And stepping out of your comfort zone is sooo important!

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