What you can do for 4 days in Iloilo

What could 4 days do to a province full of places to go? My exact thoughts when we were planning on our itinerary for Iloilo. The only thing that we were certain about is that we wanna see Isla de Gigantes. We’d just think about the rest once we unlocked the target.

Time came by fast and we were left with few days without anything yet. I thought booking a seat sale flight would be the toughest part of this trip, but I have never imagined planning our itinerary is. Luckily, 2 days before our flight, we were able to book a tour in Isla de Gigantes. Then, we’re ready to go!


Since we were scheduled to go to Carles the next day, we just went around the city for day 1, ate good food and visited places.

One of the must when in Iloilo is their famous “Batchoy”, a noodle soup made of pork organs mainly liver, pork cracklings (chicharon), chicken stock, beef loin and round noodles.

Netong’s already opened a branch in Atria Park which where we went to.

Next stop, church visit. Churches in Iloilo are known to be historical. Most of them were made during the Spanish-era and its architectures are well-preserved.

Molo Cathedral

Miag-Ao Church

Jaro Cathedral

Then, we headed to Tatoy’s manokan and seafood restaurant for dinner. This would be my favorite part of the day. We had baked oyster, lechon baboy, lechon manok and blue marlin. I’d give 5/5 stars for their baked oysters. Namit gid!

DAY 2 – DAY 3

It was still dark when we left. The clouds were low enough to make the road a little foggy, then there comes the sun rising which looked just stunning.

After 4 hours of bumps and zigzag roads, we’ve finally reached Bancal port. We started the island hopping right after we registered at the local tourism.

There are a lot of Islands in Isla de Gigantes, and these are just few of them.






You have 2 options on how to get to Bancal port:

  1. Ceres bus – P169 per way
  2. Van – P200 per way

*Terminals for both are found in Brgy Tagbak, Jaro

If you would like to book Isla de Gigantes tour you can contact Paul at +63 998 981 6812. He organized our tour for 2 days. The fee would depend on the number of pax and days of stay on the island. Food, accommodation and boat transfer would be included.

If you’re thinking of what food do they serve, just imagine having UNLIMITED scallops for lunch, dinner and even for breakfast. Yum!


Our last day has gone fast. We still have time for Guimaras so we decided to go. Guimaras is just 15mins away from Iloilo via a ferry, which is located in Ortiz, Iloilo City.

In case you are just a small group, you can rent a tricycle once you’ve reached Guimaras port. Tricycle fee is 250 pesos. You can ask the driver to take you to the tourist spots in Guimaras and they would even drive you to the resort where you’ll stay. You also have the option to rent a cab for 400-500 pesos.

You can contact Mike, the tricycle driver in Guimaras, at +63 946 901 3093.

We dropped by at the Kapitolyo before we head to the beach. Most tourists and travelers have probably taken their pictures here too.

After our photo ops, we went straight to Raymen’s beach resort. Once checked-in, we ran to the beach and enjoyed the relaxing water. Every second counts.

Since we only have a limited time, we did not opt to do the Island hopping anymore. However, Raymen’s  also offer island hopping.

The water in Alibubihod is so clear and calm. I even saw tiny fishes while snorkeling in the sea. And the sand? It is so fine!

We enjoyed every second at the beach since it was only us who were there. Probably, one of the best Mondays I’ve had, until we have to hustle and go back to Iloilo for us not to miss our flight back to Manila.


Isla de Gigantes tour 2D1N including island hopping, food and accommodation – 2,950 pesos (each for 3pax)
Bus to Bancal port – 169 pesos

Van to Tagbak – 200 pesos

Ferry to Guimaras – 14 pesos per way

Tricycle in Guimaras – 250 pesos

Raymen’s cabana (with CR) – 700 pesos


We were able to fully maximize our 4 days in the province πŸ™‚


Madamo gid nga salamat, Iloilo!

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